EPHEMERA, Online Stage for Performance art

Ephemera is a monthly online event that gathers performance artists from everywhere with the aim of sharing 10 minutes live performances and an after discussion about the present of art in these virtual era.

Cyber Bodies 2020

Due to the global pandemic, covid19, we find it difficult to organize a festival with artists traveling to Copenhagen from other countries. Therefore, we have decided to change our format and use the internet as an alternative platform for the festival. This festival explored the interactivity between artists and audiences, and had the participation of Natacha Voliachovsky (Argentina), Luna Acosta Tobón (Colombia-Spain), Eja Rhea Mathea Due (Denmark), Rocio Boliver (Mexico), Olof Olson (Denmark)), Michelle Lacombe (Canadá), Hector Canonge (United States), Jörn Burmester Wium (Germany), Shahrzad Malekian (Irán-Norway)..
Cyber Bodies


QuARTantine was our first attempt to approach the COVID-19 crisis. we did an open call for video performance to release one each day of the official quarantine here in Denmark

Body Landscapes 2019

The third edition of the International Performance Art Festival, Body Landscapes, continued one of our main purposes, since we started the project in 2017, the creation of new audiences for Performance art. In this version, we had the participation of Mark Harvey (New Zealand), Luna Acosta Tobón (Colombia), Shuhei Nishiyama (Japan), Annabel Strange (UK), Ignacio Perez Perez (Venezuela-Finland) and Victor Valqui (Perú-Denmark).

NIAN 2018

This project was created in collaboration with Live Action Gothenburg, Åland Action, ComLab Sweden, and Arctic Action Art. we organised the activities in the Faroe Islands. We had the participation of Ursula Sepponen, and Peter Rosvik (Finland), Stein Henningsen and Sarah Gerats (Norway)
Bui Rouch and Sunniva Mortensen (Faroe Islands) David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo (Colombia)
Mauritz tistelö, Joakim Stampe and Kaisa Luukkonen (Sweden), Chuyia Chia (Malaysia) And the Duo URNAMO (Irak-Switzerland)


Body Landscapes 2018

The second edition of our festival, was a continuation of our work to strengthen the relation between Danes and foreigners, emphasising the Nordic cooperation. The project was constituted by workshops, live performances and video performances, where the participants question and play with the idea of movement and memory. We had the participation of Stein Henningsen (Svalbard), Derin Gencer (Istambul-Stockholm), Helina Hukkataival (Finland), Marta Moreno Muñoz (Spain), Boaz Barkan (Denmark), Jessie Kleemann (Greenland-Denmark), Diana Soria Hernandez (Finland), Victoria Stanton (Canada), and Henrik Verstergaard (Denmark)

Body Landscapes 2017

Body Landscapes 2017 was our first international Performance Art Festival, the festival had the participation of Rahman Hak Hagir (Afghanistan-Austria), Ignacio Perez Perez (Venezuela-Finland), Chuyia Chia (Malaysia-Sweden), Jesse Kleeman (Greenland-Denmark), Ellen Friis (Denmark), Yong Sun Gullach (Korea-Denmark), Mads Floor Andersen (Denmark-India) and the group “Urnamo” (Switzerland) with Ali Al-Ftlawi (Iraq) and Wathiq Al-Ameri (Iraq). Despite their different cultural backgrounds, all of these artists have thorough experience exploring territorialisation and de-territorialisation.
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