April 14, 2021

Ephemera #4 is coming

Our fourth edition of Ephemera is coming. this event will start the next Sunday 18th of April via Facebook Live.
Remember that ephemera is a monthly event where every performance Artist is welcome to participate by joining with a live performance of maximum 10 minutes. Anybody can sign up by sending us an email to performancekokkenet@gmail.com

Before sending us your email, please read the following conditions.

Ephemera is an open stage for performance artists.
The artists have 10 minutes each to do a performance.
The artists sign up by writing to us a message through our email.
We fill the list in the order of the message's arrival.
We prioritize artists who have not participated in the platform before.
We host one event per month.
We open the list one week prior to the event.
The participation is free and open to everyone.
It is important to bare in mind the rules and regulations set by the social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram). There are some limitations to the performance actions.

It is important to clarify that all the works are your intellectual property and Performance Køkkenet will not take any economic advantage of them. However, by participating in this event, you give us permission to publish your work on our platforms: Facebook (Facebook live first), Instagram and eventually on our YouTube channel and website. We will not edit the content of your work, and in case you want the material we will send you a copy with the best quality that we can provide. Performance Køkkenet is a voluntary based organization and we do not profit from this specific project.

Set up a reminder for the event
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